Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a middle-schooler. She enjoyed many things, music, science, reading, and the Christian club at school. If there was an event, she went there. At one point, the club was planning a lock in at a local church. She begged to go, but because it was a co-ed event, her mother didn’t want her to stay the night. They compromised on a time she would go home and she thought that was that.

The girl was so excited about the lock in that she whirled through her closet trying to find the perfect outfit, which ended up being a t-shirt and jeans (it would be a few years before she made the decision on her own to dress modestly). But, she thought, that just isn’t special enough. She wanted to look and feel her best for the karaoke that they had mentioned would be at the party. What could help?

Suddenly, she remembered a batch of hand me downs she had received a few months before. In among the weirdly colored blouses, slightly dated dresses and peasant skirts, one cousin had sent her a gorgeous mint green and lace bra. Against her mom’s advice, she decided that she finally had an occasion for it. Not because anyone was going to see it, of course! she just liked the way it felt to know that she had dressed up a little.

When she finally got to the party, she had the best time! She sang  few rounds of karaoke, had pizza and soda, talked around with her fellow club members, and played indoor frisbee. Suddenly, she felt a strange, stabbing pain. Curious, and trying not to look like she’d hurt herself with a flimsy dollar store frisbee, she sprinted to the bathroom, where her worst fear was confirmed. As beautiful as the bra was, it was old, and a bit too small. The wire had poked through, and was almost irreparable. In despair, she was forced to call her mom, who saw no other way than picking her up. Going without a bra was unthinkable, she understood, but the girl couldn’t wrap her mind around why she had to miss out.

The pattern of disappointment went on all through highschool, and college, while she relied on the advice of her friends from school. She felt too embarrassed to ask her mom or her aunts, because they were pillars of their church. And the church, while it emphasized modesty, never said a thing about underwear,so it must not have been that important. She tried to put it out of her mind. Even if she didn’t think about it, though, she realized more and more people could see her problem was becoming obvious. Enough was enough.

Then she found a link on Pinterest that changed everything. It led to a blog talking about proper bra fit, and how to measure herself. At first the results scared and humiliated her, but gradually, she realized she had nothing to be ashamed of. The more blogs she visited, the more relief she felt. She finally got it: God had made her exactly the way He had intended to, and she had no reason to be ashamed of it. She just had to learn to be a good steward of her body.

Soon she realized that, while her mom had tried (and failed) to teach her the importance of foundational garments, there were still a lot of people intimidated by that entire world, and of the same mind that she used to be: If it isn’t in the Bible, and we don’t talk about it at church, is it really that important?  And while the bra blogosphere existed, for all sizes and shapes, none of them mentioned anything about what she had come to realize herself (in fact, some were quite visceral towards the idea of modesty and God in general).So she decided she would tell everyone that she could about it. And if she could be evangelical about it, why not?

And, as if you haven’t already guessed, that girl was me.

Why sos:10?

sos6:10 stands for Song of Solomon 6:10. Many Christian women aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman (I’m one of them) and unfortunately, that makes her a bit overused as a metaphor. The Shulamite, as the bride of a king, deserves a spotlight as well. After all, the Proverbs 31 woman gets a chapter, but the Shulamite gets a book 🙂 Further, we have an issue here among all women of God, and I’m sending out the SOS.

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?     Song of Solomon 6:10