Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is upon us, ladies! If you’ve been anywhere outside your house for the past week, you have probably noticed the abundance of red and pink hearts all over everything. I know I have. And I can’t help but get excited! Just the thought cutesy, fluffy, lacey stuff, and ribbons and chocolate and and happy people really enjoying being near each other makes me smile. Plus, I keep getting emails from my favorite lingerie sites about big Valentine’s sales, and however tempting 40% off sounds, and how pretty it all is… sadly I don’t have the funds to expand my wardrobe.

To be honest, the fact that Valentine’s makes me happy is actually a little surprising to me, since most singles, including me, are not usually thrilled at all the couples-y stuff going on all around. I could just chalk it up to the fact that cute things are supposed to give you the warm-and-fuzzies, and there are just so many cute things that go with Valentine’s day, starting with the St. Valentine’s story.

Valentine (Or Valentinus, if you are a perfectionist nerd like me) was a priest in Rome, or a bishop in a place called Terni (historical facts for this are few and far between, to be honest.). At that time Emperor Claudius Gothicus made an edict that young men could not marry, so that they could be conscripted into the army without fear of dying and leaving their families without a head of household, which in turn was supposed to make them fight better. Actually, men with families fight better and harder because they have something to protect and to go back to, but I digress. Valentine directly disobeyed the emperor and continued to perfrom weddings and convert people to Christianity so he could perform weddings for them. He was caught and put in prison, and sentenced to a three stage death, beating, stoning, and  finally decapitation.

While he was still in prison, his judge/ jailer’s name was Asterius. He had blind daughter, that somehow or another built a sort of relationship with Valentine, and they exchanged letters often. He prayed for her, and God restored her sight. This had such an effect on her and her father that they both became Christians, and Valentine baptized them and the rest of their household. According to the story,  The last words Valentine sent Asterius’s daughter, before he was executed, were “from your Valentine.”

If I really think about it, though, perhaps the reason this year is less bitter than most is because I have gotten the chance to see it all wrapped up in what it’s all about. Love. And not just romantic love. Familial love. Platonic love and friendship. Above all, the love of God. I mean sure, Valentine married people who were in love, but he did it because he loved God. Loving God made him willing to die for doing what God loved. There is no greater love to be experienced than the love between God and you. After all, God is love itself.

So, whatever your relationship status, I encourage you to really love on people this Valentine’s day. And I mean go all out! Make cheesy valentines for your girlfriends. Send your parents some flowers. Make chocolates for your significant other (thats really popular in Japan and South Korea!). Call an old friend. Do something nice for a random stranger. Bring desserts to work. Let the love flow through you! I promise you, even if the idea of Valentines day leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, sharing the love of God will ALWAYS put a smile on your face. Especially for my single sisters! Spending the time and energy on making someone else’s day, anyone else, will make yours, guaranteed.

Plus, all the chocolate goes on sale on the fifteenth.

I promise I will be back to my regular content soon, but I couldnt pass up the chance to tell you ladies that I love y’all. ❤ Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


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