On Poofy Curls and Purple

To bun or not to bun, that is the question.

I am staring down a new box of hair products as I’m typing, wondering if its even worth trying. It rained last night, so the humidity is in the danger zone, and the last thing I want on my head is *shivers* frizz.

One of the reasons I love fall and winter where I am is that the dryer northern air comes through, and while it is STILL humid (the joys of coastal life), it isn’t as bad and I don’t usually have to worry about my hair eating me. But this winter, oh this winter. It hasn’t. Stopped. Raining.

 Christmas? Drizzle. Poof. 

Wash day? Misty. Poof. 

Maybe a braid? Hah. Poof.

Bad experiences aside, I really do love my hair. Its type 3a (really mixed up 2c through 3b) curly textured, and down to my knees. Waaaaay thicker at the top than the bottom, and it changes color about halfway down. Supposedly that means the bottom half is full of breakage and damage, but I think its cool-looking, like an ombre treatment I didn’t have to go to a salon for. Actually, I don’t go to salons, ever.


Hi, I’m Tessa, and I have holiness hair.

Yes, that is my real hair. 

I am aware that a lot of churches don’t preach hair separation anymore, and a lot of them never have. And that’s ok. Like anything that has to do with modesty, its between a girl and God. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue. Women’s hair is mentioned enough in the Bible to get a basic idea of what He thinks of it.

Turns out, God thinks long hair is awesome. In Corinthians, Paul says that long hair is a glory to a woman and a covering. Samson, while keeping the vow of a Nazarite, was super strong and blessed of God for his hair. And in Song of Solomon, the bridegroom calls his bride’s long, loose hair* “like purple”. Cloths dyed purple in that time could only be bought by the very wealthy and noble, and the color itself was considered sacred, as part of the three used in the priests garments. So, high praise for hair, indeed!

Of course, anyone who has stopped cutting their hair knows there are a ton of problems that come with having super long hair. You can’t wear it long all the time, because it gets stuck in everything. Wearing it up all the time gives you headaches. Maybe you’ve gotten weird things stuck in your hair, or gotten it caught in a doorjamb or on a tree branch or a refrigerator fan (pro-tip: if youre going to pick a soda from the back of the machine, dont stick your head in). But while you suffer through them, be reminded, your hair is beautiful. A king is held in the galleries, by your hair!



P.S. Anyone have any long hair tips, tricks, or styles they want to share? Leave a comment. ^_^

*(Strongs Concordance, Hebrew lexicon #1803; I’m not pulling that out of thin air) 


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