Not Dead

Hello ladies. I know it’s been quite a long time and I am prone to these kind of random hiatuses (Hiati? Hiatae?). I have been meaning to write this post since Thursday. Why not earlier? Well, before I get in to that, let me talk about this post’s picture.

The quote is from the book of Song of Solomon, one of my favorites. The bridegroom is telling his love to come away with him, and in the following verses he lists the promises of springtime: flowers, birdsong, fruit, and the fresh smell in the air. The blossoms in the picture are almond blossoms, one of the first flowers to open when spring starts to arrive. They are like anxious newlyweds waiting for their spouse to come home, looking out the window and ready to pop out the minute the familiar car pulls into the driveway. Sometimes they are out before the snow melts.

I know winter doesn’t technically start until December 22, and really even later in some places. But for me, it has been winter for a very long time. Longer than I care to admit. I won’t trouble anyone with details, just with the knowledge that it has been long enough that I have gotten very good at pretending to a lot of people that things don’t bother me. Maybe some of you know the feeling. It isn’t uncommon at all. 

I started the blog, because I knew I loved to write, and going through the bra revolution journey myself made me happier once. In a way, it’s been an effort to help me by helping other people be happy in the bodies God gave them. But it was also an effort to focus on something other than my problems, because they were so little compared to everyone else’s and I knew it. I really wanted the blog to take off, and be really popular from the get go, and when it didn’t, it just added up to more on my mind. Then I got a job, and finding time became more complicated. The combination of the disappointment and job-mode has tried to beat this blog to death.  

I actually had a post lined up. I had all my sources straight, links ready, content outlined, pictures picked. I put it down for a day, and then I couldn’t pick it up again. The energy I had was gone and I didnt know what happened to it. That wasnt the first time something like that has happened. But when you’ve been working hard to prevent it, and you think you’re safe, that’s exactly when the disinterest hits you. Nothing productive has been done in the meantime: my outline is exactly the way I left it 3 months ago. And  I haven’t done much else in that time either.

But! SOS6:10 isn’t dead. Even if I’m only reaching a few people, or even if I’m just reaching myself, this blog is helping someone. I have to rearrange the priorities and mission a little, and I may not even post weekly, but I am calling it right now.

Winter is almost over, and the flowers are going to bloom. I’m  going to be an almond blossom and say it before I see it. Who’s with me?


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