What Modesty Means to Me

I stand out whenever I go to the mall. Partially because my hair is big and curly and crazy long. Partially because sometimes I feel like the only person there with sleeves in the summer. Partially because maxi skirts are going out of style, yet I’ve got one on and two in a bag. Yeah, I’m that girl. 

Modesty actually has a bunch of definitions depending on who you ask. I’m a knee length skirts and sleeves girl, myself, and I think a good solid majority of the modest bloggers from the UPC, LDS, and other holiness church denominations are as well. I know some floor length skirt people, and I know some mid-high rise jeans with no holes people. Whatever it its that you and God have worked out together, that is modesty to you. 

“Modesty” is actually a relatively new concept for me. I have only worn skirts and dresses all the time since high school. So about 63% of my life, I wore pretty much whatever. I was a girly girl so I wore a lot of skirts, but most of the time I went with jeans and t shirts.

As long as I have been alive, I have belonged to a church better known for ladies with big buns and ankle skirts. My modesty, as a kid, was not what it is today. While I was always covered up, I never saw a need for me to do the skirt thing all the time. I may have noticed a few times that what I was wearing was out of place with what the other ladies wore, but no one overtly told me (subtleties slip by me). I kept my hair long for no other reason than because I liked it that way, not knowing the reason why I should keep it long. I wore camisoles under my shirts because I liked the way it felt, not knowing that underwear was specifically addressed as a biblical issue.

Even when I started dressing in nothing but skirts, I had the wrong idea about why. I thought it was to keep attention off me, specifically male attention. I did a lot of standing my ground on a not so solid foundation, and if not for my own stubbornness,  I might not have made it to the point where I learned the beauty of separation. So score one for us stiff necked folks, I guess.

This is more my style nowadays. (Via pinterest)

Sometimes, I wish I had learned before middle school what I know now. I wish I had learned before that while God does look on the heart, He looks on the body as well.I wish I had learned as a child that the way I dressed would be part of what separated me from the world, and always remind me that I am not of it. I wish I had learned that modesty as a woman is an intimate fellowship with God that is completely unique to our sex. But only sometimes. I am grateful that learning the way I did has made it possible for me to make the desicion for myself. My body is made in the image of God! There is something incredibly special and mysterious about it, that needs to be covered until the right time. 

For me, it has very little to do with the way men look at me. For sure, I know my choice gives them a lot less to look at, but they arent my reason. I am not hiding anything behind a swingy skirt, or a shirt that covers my cleavage. I am not ashamed of my femininity, as many might claim. If anything, me running and writing this blog thats mostly about bras, underwear, and well fitting clothing proves that. 

So this week I am interested in learning more about you. Do you consider the way you dress modest? How long have you been dressing that way and why? 

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2 thoughts on “What Modesty Means to Me

  1. Proverbs 22:6 Si tu no hubieras tenido Desde que Naciste una education espiritual por Seguro a ti no te gustaria vestirte modestamente.

    If you would not have been spiritually instructed from birth, surely you would not like to dress modestly.


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