Two-fer Weekend Part Two: Does it Fit?

Earlier I stated that I don’t have enough pictures of what I’m trying to tell you. I don’t have a permanent solution, but I can start by showing what a good fit will look like, versus a bad fit. With pictures! So without further ado…

Behold: Photographs!

First up: This one is slightly too big. There are no lumps or bumps, but the band rides up in the back, and at the widest point breasts hang below the half-way point between the elbow and the shoulder. Without the shirt, the cups are pulling everything down, and the gore pulls away from the sternum.

Next: The opposite. The band should have been a good size, but the cups are way too small, as you can see in the top right picture. It doesn’t ride up in the back, but it’s not a pretty picture anywhere else.

This is from a different day in a store that I was sized in. Like the other picture above, it’s not pretty. I couldn’t get a picture of the back, but it was a lot of riding up in the back, and the gore was pushed all the way away from my sternum.

So that is a lot of what bad fit looks like. So, what does a good fit look like?

No riding up, no falling down, no lumps or bumps. Or it might look like this.

For more before and afters, click here. There are lots of blogs that have more, and better examples as well.

Good Night Ladies!





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