Two-fer Weekend: How to Put on Your Bra (The Best Way)

What is Two-fer weekend? Well, in light of the recent hiatus, the fact that last week’s blog contained no information on clothes of any sort, and a recent surprise in the mail, I decided to do two posts chock-full of information this lovely Saturday. I also hope to do this every once in a while, hopefully ahead of the hiatus this time. 😉

What do you mean how to put on a bra?

How do you usually put your bra on? Most people just strap in and go. If the title is any indication, there is supposed to be a little more to it than that.

Sometimes its very easy not to realize that your cup is too small, because not all of your breast tissue is in the right place. Over time, breast tissue not contained by an ill-fitting bra will “migrate” out of the breast area. Migrated breast tissue shows up as armpit rolls and back rolls. Oftentimes, when you are more or less fit, stubborn back and armpit “fat” aren’t actually flab at all, just migrated tissue. So getting the right bra to contain it all gives you a much smoother silhouette (and that goes for girls of all sizes!).

The thing is, it isn’t just  getting the correct size that will solve the problem. Migrated tissue has to be put back in its assigned seat. If you don’t put on the right bra the right way, your bra will look too big. It’s super easy to think that’s that, and reach for the smaller size, but no! There’s more to it! Stop the vicious cycle!

The Procedures

For first timers: Start with whatever bra you have on, the one you’re wearing right now or in a fitting room or later if you get bored. This method is called “Scoop and Swoop”:

  1. Put the band on first. There is no wrong way to do this. You could even fasten it in front and swing it around if you like.
  2. Bend forward and get into the cups and straps. The straps should be loose at this point.
  3. Reach in and scoop everything in like above. That’s all the “back fat” and “armpit fat” too.
  4. Tighten the straps. There should not be much slack, but there shouldn’t be pulling on your shoulders either.

That’s it. It’s not too complicated, though it does take a little bit more time. If you start to notice any of the signs of a bad fit, namely overspill and gore-gapping, congrats! It’s shopping time!

The Result

If you did indeed spill out, there is no reason to worry. You are not alone! Some bloggers noted as significant a difference as from a EU 75B to a 65F in some of their readers. That would be about US/UK 34B to a 30DD! (If you aren’t sure of how big a difference that is, go here) Most of the time you will not only need a larger cup, but also a smaller band. When you decide to go shopping, measure yourself first, and scoop and swoop into the different sizes until you get a winner!

Getting the right bra, in the right size isn’t just about looking nice. Ok, it is a perk, but there are actually ligaments amongst your breast tissue that are supposed to keep you lifted up. A badly fitting bra does nothing to help them with their job, and can be part of the reason why they hurt when you make any sudden movements.

For more information, and to see where I get mine from, please visit Thin and Curvy as well as Venusian Glow. Eternal Voyageur (her screen name) has compiled a huge amount of data she refers to as the Bra Matrix, and it is incredibly helpful.

So, that’s it for this post. Two-fer part two should be up later tonight. Happy Swooping, ladies!




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