A Belated Progress Report, And Where We Go From Here

Hello ladies! As you can read from the title, this weekend I want to talk a little about where we have gone and where we are trying to go. Most experienced bloggers have content planned in advance for months, and I am three weeks behind and struggling. As a service to you, my lovely readers, and with your help, I’d like to tackle the problems head on, right here and now.

First, a fun fact: In Job 21:24, the word for breast literally means a milk bucket. 😀

(It was funnier when when I looked it up ok?)

Present and Past: the Trouble 

So far I have talked a bit about why this underwear thing is such a big deal to me. Honestly, I dont know if I’m reaching anyone there. I have gotten some real life commentary that makes me want to rethink my own credibility, but it won’t stop me from repeating it. If anything looks fishy you can source check me, and if I misunderstood my sources, I invite you to point it out to me so that I can fix it. I mean this sincerely. My aim isn’t to mislead anyone, so I want to be as accurate as possible.

Now lately, I’ve been trying to emphasize fit. There are a lot of smaller intricasies to fiting that we have plenty of time to cover, but, I am pretty confident of the foundation thats been laid. However, I realized that I havent actually shown anyone what a good fit looks like, or even what a bad fit looks like. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. 

The thing is, I am not the best self photographer and a lot of the details of fitting, the big things that affect everything else (like making sure your gore is tacking) are easily missed when posting pictures with clothes on. In other cases, the clothes you wear accentuate the problems that aren’t there otherwise (like lines that show through fabric). To solve that problem, most bra and underwear blogs will show pictures of both, but as this is also a modesty blog, it seems counter intuitive.

On top of that, in order to show pictures I have to do one of three things. The first solution would be a model call. This would add a bit of diversity of shape, which is what I’m trying to go for here. I know that not everyone is shaped like I am, and the clothes/underclothes that work for me don’t necessarily work for someone else. However, professional models prefer to get paid, and even volunteers have to give their permission to put their image out there, or I open myself up for legal repercussions (yikes!).

Another solution would be to get someone else to take pictures of me. It isn’t ideal, but at least it would get the point across. More than me craning to get good angles in a mirror, at least. Plus, no permissions needed! The drawback would be the loss of shape diversity, and maybe a dent in my pocket if I get picky about the pictures.

I could also grab pictures from other sources, such as some of the bloggers ive linked to before. This would have to be done weeks in advance of a post, and I wouldn’t necessarily have control of the content, meaning the best picture that I can find might be a teeny bit compromising to my values. Sometimes, even if the photographer/artist/subject is credited, they still want you to pay for an image before they allow you to post it. And in other, rarer cases, they don’t want to share the image with any other blogs. This option can be a huge hassle, and while a lot of blogs have some great charts and content, I want to avoid any bad blood or awkwardness. I might do it anyways, but only once I’m organized enough to get the permission before I post. 

Keep Moving For-or-ward

Now, the part im excited about! I get to talk about some upcoming posts I want to do!

In the near future,  I have planned some posts about options for church, more biblical modesty, a shopping series, and good v. bad fit photo posts, not necessarily in that order. Later I would love to do more fashion, and collabs with other blogs and brands, maybe even giveaways and reviews! Of course, for all of those things, the photo problem has to be addressed, and even before that, the question of what you, my lovely readers, want to see here. 

And I won’t know that unless you ask. 

Seriously.  Bother me with questions. Nothing is too small! I don’t know what direction to go in if I don’t know what questions everyone has. I need to know if everyone would be comfortable with me posting pictures, and of what. I need to know what kind of content you’d like to see. So please, hit the “Contact” button on the home bar. Send me comments. I am here for you! 

Another thing that needs to change before we can move on to bigger, brighter things? Viewership! And this depends on you as much as it does on me. Together we can build a network of Christian women bent on world domin– no wait, wrong document.  Basically, we don’t have to suffer this scary women’s world alone. Tell your family and friends!

Do any of the above suggestions peak your interest? Are there any questions about previous posts that you may have had? Do you have a home remedy for increasing productivity (please?)?  Leave me a comment down under! 




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