Whoo boy….

So I think it has officially been an entire month since I have posted. Oops. In my defense, I did not intend to have anyone wait that long on me. Never fear! We will be back on schedule very very soon, hopefully! Tentative schedule for the next official post is this weekend. 

During the time I was out, I had the opportunity to attend my church’s annual youth convention. Not only did I enjoy myself emmensly, I have been blessed beyond measure. I re-dedicated my life (and by extension, this blog) to God’s Headship. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing all the word we received was. I feel like I have my love and joy back, and I truly haven’t been happier in months.

I also got some time to get reaquainted with my reasons for starting this blog. While I was there,  I was hyper-concious of the way I was presenting myself, especially during worship. There were people from all over the country,  and outside the country, there to learn, worship, and mingle. We do have some rules of modesty in place, but I can’t be the only one agonizing over whether or not she can get down and pray in that dress. And when you’re a member of a shouting church, it’s something you have to be even more careful of. I remember pulling my fists up to my shoulders while I was jumping, and I wasnt the only one. I feel a little guilty for saying so, but it was vindication for SOS6:10.

Look, this blog isnt like most other bra blogs. It’s not about finding cute underpinnings in your size for the first time in forever. It’s not about being super confident in your own body. It’s not about finding clothes that make you feel good, and its definitely not about looking sexy. Those are all good things that have their place, but that isnt the point of me doing this. The message that Im trying to get through is that Jesus gets as much joy from you wearing the right undergarments as he does from your outer garments.

I’m not the modesty police- what’s right for you is between you and Him. But whatever the two of you have agreed on, be it wrist to ankle coverage or knee length skirts or WHATEVER, know that He LOVES to see you staying with it. 

And that’s all I have to say for now. šŸ™‚ Happy August, ladies, and you will hear from me again this weekend.  



PS: This picture above is from a side trip to Hot Springs Arkansas! The gardens there are gorgeous. 


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