Fitting: Underpants

So, for the past two weeks, we have been talking about bras. They tend to be the star of pretty much any lingerie blog, and for good reason. There’s a lot to talk about before you really start getting into nitty-gritty gross stuff, and if you’re really careful, you can be informative without ever having to cross that threshold.

Then there are panties. (Bear with me a moment, please.)

It feels weird for me to be typing this word right now as a Christian woman. First off, how many of us have come to hate the word itself? There are published articles in well-respected news sources devoted to hating the word “panties”. But I digress.

I completely understand why no one wants to talk about undies. (I can’t even deal with the other word more than twice.) It’s awkward. Yet, the subject is broached pretty specifically. Exodus 28:42, as I have referred to it before, is a commandment to the priesthood, but it shows fairly specifically that the LORD doesn’t want to be shown… that. (sorry, it’s still awkward)

The problem is, we live in a world where we can’t go to the mall without literally having our faces shoved into advertising for undies that don’t do that job. And then, the ones that do the job of covering up, leave the embarrassing evidence that we are wearing underpants: visible lines. Some of us hear terrible things about wearing them and terrible things about not wearing them. It’s a hassle. It’s awkward, no matter which way you slice it. But with the right arsenal, this problem too, can be overcome.

Here we go.

Finding the Correct Fit.

Let’s dispose of your regular size for a moment. Why? Because Jockey’s medium is NOT Victoria’s medium is NOT Eberjey’s medium. Every brand and every style sizes completely differently. When you go shopping, your best bet is to find that brand’s sizing chart and follow it, measuring yourself accordingly. (Awkward! I know!)

A correctly fitting pair of underpants should not ride up in the front or back. The elastic should be much stretchier than on a bra, but still hold up to the inevitable shifting your clothes go through all day, every day. The general rule of thumb is, if your undies cause you any undue pain and sorrow, trash them. That includes

  • Wedgies
  • Itchy fabric
  • Bagginess
  • Seams that cut in
  • Your backside keeps falling out

According to, the perfect fit means that the crotch fits against you naturally, the waistband and legs are snug, but not binding, and your backside should be “cupped”.

Such Variety. Much Underpants. Wow.

Just like there are a lot of different words for underpants, there are a lot of different words to describe them. It’s a challenge to get through the shopping experience if you don’t know what it is your buying.

Generally, a pair of underpants is named by the cut of the leg and the coverage offered. Briefs, especially high-waisted ones, have the most coverage in the back. Boyshorts fit kind of like shorts and have lots of coverage in the front. A culotte is like a boyshort but with a little more fabric in the back: they are more often made by European companies. Bikinis are a lot more low-cut in the front and a bit higher in the back. A hipster is right in between the brief and the bikini.

Another full coverage option is the Mormon temple garments. Before you judge, think about this: No more lines. Ever. (Though they also do come with their own set of problems)

Just getting a good fit eliminates a lot of the lines you’d get otherwise, but among us ladies wearing skirts all or most of the time, there’s a lot more to consider. Depending on the fabric your skirt is made out of, you could accidentally be a walking, talking underwear ad.

Sadly those gorgeous maxi skirts and dresses are often made of fabrics that do just that. There are two easy solutions: buy a good slip (more on that later), or go seamless with your underpants! There are also different cuts of underpants that are more prone to showing off when they aren’t supposed to. The hipster, bikini and briefs are the main culprits, but when purchased as seamless, should not be as much of a problem.

The gross part (Reader discretion advised)

While a lot of getting your underwear right is about being modest and pleasing God, there is definitely a hygiene element, especially considering your knickers. I don’t have to get into the grossness factor, or list every buzz word that has anything to do with your health in that general area. These are just some cautionary facts.

Common sense dictates that you change your underwear every day. There are a lot of very scary conditions that have long been linked to recycling underpants. This is especially true after anything that made you sweat. It leads to a lot of friction which leads to irritations, which can lead to infections. It’s just not good for you.

Health experts recommend allowing the sensitive skin to breathe, especially at night. Cotton is a very breathable fabric that is good for everyday and night use, and cotton underpants do have a seamless variant as well if you want to switch over completely. Silk and synthetic materials do not breathe, so if you own them, wear them sparingly.

Control top and shapewear underwear should be reserved for special occasions, as too much compression causes nerve damage, as well as being unbreathable and really easy to sweat in, which goes back to the my first point.

I have to breach the subject of thongs. While they do what they are intended to do, that is, not show any lines and still feel like you are wearing something, they don’t do the  best job of covering your nakedness (My personal opinion. I don’t control your life). Aside from that, it is highly advised that they not be worn all the time, or to sleep. They cause a lot of irritation that can turn into infections.

And one more thing. Underwear does have an expiration date. So if any of your intimates starts to get junky, throw it out. If not for your own health and safety, simply because worn elastic is not a good look for anyone.

That was awkward.

Thus concludes the most awkward post I hope to ever write! My comfort zone is definitely bras, so a lot of research went in to this week’s post. I’ve narrowed down the list to have the most relevant information that I didn’t quite cover, and the other links are in the post itself. If you want to know more, please visit these sites! (Reader discretion advised)

Like always, feel free to comment, rant, rave, or whatever!













2 thoughts on “Fitting: Underpants

    1. I can answer your sizing question here! As I said, sizes vary from brand to brand, so always check their sizing chart. For most of them, the two measurements you want to take are your waist measurement and the widest point of your hips. As for samples, I plan on doing a shopping post sometime in the near future.


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