Fitting: The Brassiere.

Last week I made a post about why God wants us to wear underwear. Starting today, I want to tell you why you should wear underwear that fits, and hopefully, get into some basics to getting that fit. I’d like to start with a staple of my wardrobe that is very close to my heart: The bra. (Did you see what I did there?) To do that, I am going to make a statement now that may seem radical and perhaps out of line.

Your bra should be comfortable enough to forget you are wearing it. (Whaaaaat?)

Since a bra is basically cloth, steel, and elastic, it’s easy to see why lots of women are uncomfortable wearing them. But no one should be! A correctly fitting bra should not cause any pain or discomfort, and you should be able to go a whole day without thinking about it.

A Bad Fit

If you experience any of this:

  • Straps digging in
  • Straps falling down even when they are pulled all the way tight
  • A gap between your chest and the center (gore) of your bra
  • Shoulder or back pain
  • Wires poking or digging in at all
  • Rashes or soreness where your bra sits
  • pain after taking your bra off at night
  • “Dents” or other scars from your bra
  • Running or Jogging causes you pain and lots of bouncing
  • “Armpit fat”
  • “Back fat” around the band
  • constant readjusting throughout the day
  • The underwires are on your actual breasts
  • You started at the tightest hook
  • The line of your nipples is below the halfway point between your elbow and your shoulder
  • The top of your breasts spill out of the cups at all (even a little bit)
  • Your bra causes you any pain or discomfort

Then chances are, you are in the 80% of women that are wearing the wrong bra size.

First off, before you start with the “how dare you” and “you don’t know my life” and the pitchforks and torches, that is not a reflection of you as a person! You wearing the wrong bra size has nothing to do with you, but your education. Most women get their information from school, their friends and family, and for us, the church. The thing is, nowadays, none of the above sources are talking about this. No one faults an astrophysicist for not knowing how to perform surgery, because they never learned that. It doesn’t make them unintelligent or uneducated. Their focus was just on other things. Now that you’re here, you can take some time to focus on your own comfort.

Plus, wearing a badly fitting bra affects the way all of your clothes fit! Any time you’ve worn a dress or top in store, and it worked for you, but then you went home and something was just not right, it’s very likely that it’s the difference between the bra you were wearing in the store and the bra you just put on. Depending on how badly the bra fits, you might as well not be wearing any bra at all. A big no-no, especially for us who know that it means God is basically staring straight at our nakedness.

A Good Fit

So what is a properly fitting bra, then?

  • The band fits snugly, but you can fit two fingers (No more, no less) in between your skin and the band, on the loosest hook.
  • The band does not ride up your back at all. Instead, it sits level across the back, and parallel to the floor on your sides.
  • The band should support most of the weight, so the straps do not dig in, but are pulled tight enough to provide lift.
  • The center gore should be flush against your chest, separating both breasts.
  • The wires should completely contain all of the breast tissue. Including the stuff that you thought was armpit and back fat.
  • The cups are completely filled out, with no gaps, and no overspill.
  • You should look like you have two breasts that don’t sag.

Finding a bra that fits this way may be as easy or some of us as going to Walmart or a mall specialty store. This may be a little more difficult for others, because of what comes next: The first step to finding a bra that fits is measuring yourself.

On that note, I lead you into the next part of our post…


Starting right after this post, I begin work on my next post: Discussion post! (I bet you’re tired of the word post now, aren’t you?)

The idea is to get some audience participation. I will post a topic to discuss, in this case a tie-in to what you just read. There you can pose questions, make comments, rant, vent, complain, anything. Of course, you can ALWAYS comment on the main blog post if you want. I just want to open up the conversation to everyone visiting.

Anyhow, I hope that this first series on fitting helps. Next week, Brassiere part dos!




Sources: “Double Check the Fit”



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